We stand behind your CycleBeam product

Your satisfaction with CycleBeam™ products and services is our top priority. Therefore, we stand behind our products and offer one-year warranties for full replacements, free of charge as outlined below.

We warrant that CycleBeam™ products and accessories will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.

The CycleBeam™ warranty applies to products and accessories purchased online. A Warranty claim for an CycleBeam™ product or accessory purchased at a store must be filed at that location.

The Warranty is limited to a maximum of three replacements on a given order.

Warranties do not cover refunds or exchanges. The product or accessory must be defective to be eligible for replacement with an equivalent item from current CycleBeam™ inventory.

The warranty applies only to CycleBeam™ bike light products.

Your CycleBeam™ warranty begins on the date of your online purchase and expires one year after that date.

Listed below are some of the conditions that the CycleBeam™ warranty does not cover:

  • Modifications or alterations, including repairs or services provided by any person or company other than CycleBeam™
  • Tampering with, physical abuse to, or misuse of products or accessories in a manner that is inconsistent with the uses outlined in the CycleBeam™ user manual
  • Any use of products or accessories other than that for which they were designed and intended
  • Any use of accessories (e.g. chargers or power adapters) that were not supplied by CycleBeam™
  • Batteries that were included in the package.
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