Affiliate Program

Share about CycleBeam. Earn Commission


Drive traffic from your site to and make money! You'll earn a commission on every purchase made by customers you refer.

Why CycleBeam Affiliate Program?

We tend to partner with affiliates who are themselves satisfied owners of the CycleBeam product. You know the products are good, aren't you?

We make sure that the customers you refer are happy too.

We use an in house system so we don't have to pay a lot of 3rd party affiliate networks. Instead we pay this savings to you!

You will be paid commission of sales to customer you refer up to 2 years. That is a big difference. Other affiliate programs don't do this. Also a lot of our customers place repeat orders of new item for their family and parts.

How Does It Work?

Write to us about you and what places you can share about CycleBeam.

Receive an invitation code for signup.

Once signed up, go to and create links.

Send customers to CycleBeam through your links and you will be paid.

Track your clicks and sales on our affilaite account page.


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